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Ajuriaguerra, Jennifer

Anderson, C. W. 

Abernethy, Jean

Aceves, Gustavo


Belden, Weimer Nancy

Bellocq, Pierre

Burch, Laurel 

 Bologna, da Giovanni 

Botero, Fernando

Byrne, John 

Brown, Paul

Beresford, Wendy

Bernstein, Donna

Boetzel, Christina

Butterfield, Deborah

Baumer, Silvia

Beaulieu, Sandra


Currier and Ives

Clemons, Alonzo

Cancelli, M. Christine

Campos, Molina Florencio butterfield-

O’Connor, Tony


Dennis, Wesley 

Doolittle, Bev 

 D’angelo, Maria

Dallin, E. Cyrus 

Dieudonne, Gayle


Edwards, Lionel


Feddersen, Ryan


Green, Ruth 

Greenberg, Jill 

Green, Nic Fiddian




Jelen, Kimry 

Johnson, “Snaffles” Charles

Jager, Danie de


Karst, Kamila 


L. Lavone

Lorca, Liska-

Lewis, Carrie

Lopez , John 


Montgomerey, Greg

Munnings, Alfred

Mach, David

Mattson, Curt

Martin, Sally

Manev, Sveto

Manders, Inge Demar

Mengfu, Zhao

Muybridge, Eadweard

Mixer, Orren

Mochi, Ugo

 Marino, Frances 


Plinguet, Laetitia

Peters, Sabine-

Petts, Mick



Russel, Jocelyn

Russell,  M. Charles

Russel, Jocelyn

Reeves, Richard Stone


Scott, Andy

Savitt, Sam

Skidmore, Rod

Stahl, De Saone

Stoecklein, Diavid R. 

Richard Stone Reeves Christies Art Auction 


Taylor, Frances

Thelwell, Norman

Taskovski, Vasco

Thorak, Josef

Taylor, Jason Decaires




Winter, Munnings Beth

Webb, Ann  Leslie 

Wills, Jane

 Woodrow, Bill





Horsefly Films

Jennifer Ajuriaguerra Equine Photographer Equus Film Festival

Equus Film Fstival NYC November-21st-and-22nd

EQUUS International Film Festival®~Missoula, Montana , USA

Unbranded Documenting 3000 Miles On Horseback And The Ongoing War For The Mustangs

Special Posts:

The First #EquineArtHour This Sunday May 31st 2015 ~ A Special Post

140th Preakness 2015 Poster Art By Ginny Luttrell A Special Post

Miscellaneous :

Joan of  Arc

Famous Racehorse Artists and Paintings Part 1

Famous Racehorse Artists and Paintings Part 2

Blue Blue-and More Blue

Blue Blue and More Blue Part 2

Genghis Khan and His Horse the Largest Horse Statue In The World

Painted Horse Sculptures for Benefit

The-magnificent Living Museum of the Horse

Recycled Technology Horse-Sculptures

Poster Week Part 2 The Hampton Classic Horse Show

The Society of Equestrian Artists The Horse in Art

Painted Horse Sculptures for Benefit Part 2

Lady Godiva of Coventry

Christies Art of the Horse Shanghai and Hong Kong

Hip Gallery Paris France Exhibit of Animal Art Saone De Stalh and Other Artists

The Sporting Art Auction Keenland And Cross Gate Gallery

Pegasus in Ancient Art Greece

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius the Capitoline Museum Rome Italy

It’s Still the Year of the Horse

Pegasus Slaying A  Dragon In Hallandale Beach Florida USA

Equine Snow Sculptures

Cavalias Odysseo Dallas Tx, USA

The Noble Horse Theatre USA

World Leaders On Horseback Happy Presidents Day To My US Readers

Hyphen, The Goat Made Out of 10,000 Origami Horses~ China

Strao Festival Netherlands

Upcoming Horse Poster and Art Contests Part 2

Women’s History Month ~ Celebrating Women Horse Artists

2015 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo at “Art in the Park”~ Colorado USA

A Special Post~ Saone De Stalh and Liska Llorca At Crazy Ride, France

Dubai International Horse Fair~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

195 Years of Black Beauty ~ A Tribute To Anna Swell

Happy Mare’s (Mother’s) Day

Gold Equestrian Statue Unveiled In Turkmenistan Resembles The Bronze Horseman In Russia

Celebrating Memorial Day Featuring Equestrian Statues

Artists Helping Horses Through Art

The Top 5 Finalists For The Equus Film Festival’s NYC Poster Contest

Queen Of England Unveils Frankel Statue On Royal Ascot

Americas Best Racing Equine Art Challenge Winner and Runners Up Chosen

“The Rising Tide” Sculpture By Internationally Acclaimed Artist Jason DeCaires Taylor

The Phippen Museums Represented Western Artists Arizona USA

Max Liebermann’s Painting “Two Riders” With Unique Past Sold At Auction

TheHorse In Myths and Legends

Live Horses On Exhibit At NYC Art Gallery Homage To Jannis Kounelliss-“Untitled 12 Horses Lara Nikel

Castle House The Munnings Art Museum

The Horses of The Festival of Contemporary Art And Technology In Kazakhstan

Cowboy Crossings Brings In Over $2 million At Western Art Auction And Exhibit In Oklahoma USA




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  1. baker says:

    Wasn’t Judy Widener’s work here?


    1. shyapony says:

      No, I am not aware of her. Thank you:)


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